Monday, September 28, 2009

Quirt: Showing Animals Respect and Kindness

I want to bring up a subject that most cowgirls wont ever bring up (though im not sure im full cowgirl anyways). It's called SHARK, Showing Animals Respect and Kindness. Now first of all I am a fan of rodeos! I love riding in them watching them all around I think they are awesome but some events and some rodeos can go too far. Shark is an organization that shows what can happen at rodeos and how they can be downright horrible to the animals. One thing I want to point out is that Bull riding is not one of the events that i'm talking about it's a man against bull I think the bull has a fair enough advantage. Though I do think its horrible to shock the bulls like at some rodeos, lets do it the old fashioned way please. The kind of event Im talking about is the super competitive calf roping were calves die all the time because its horse, rider and rope against a small calf who just wants his mommy. One more event is steer tripping this is where they rope the steer and drag them across the arena sooo many steers die from this. Lets treat these animals with respect and have fun with them but to an extent please don't go this far.. Here is a video on these events that Ive been talking about
Ok thanks for reading! And on a happier note im going to upload some pictures from me and Quirks ranch sleepover! First is a picture of Quirk on Brego and second is a picture of Quirt (me) on Timmy!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Quirt: grrrrrr
So I said i was going to post pictures yesterday and beleive me I tried but my computer was acting all goofy i swear it has a mind of its own. So then I tried putting the pictures into a layout but that didnt work either soooo... ya. I have the pictures but I have yet to post them and I would post them now except for im not on my computer so I will try to post them tomorrow haha Ive said that before. Anyways, I notice that Quirk hasn't blogged as much as me so im pretty much hogging the blog but oh well. What did i do today? Well I went to the farmers market and bought strawberries! Yumm!! Then I went to the ranch and polished my barrel saddle then I came home and polished my boots! Now I feel very accomplished!!! Ok ttyl!!

Quirk: Current Faves

Hey everyone, as you may have read, I had my birthday recently, and some of my presents are turning out to be real favorites, so I thought I would share them with you. :) The first item is actually chap stick, a tinted version and a carrot flavored one. Coincidentally, the name of the brand is Yes To CarrotsCute ya? The coolest thing is, the carrot flavored "lip butter" as they call it, actually smells like carrots, and it's really moisturizing for those of us (mee) with dry lips all the time.

Quirk: chickens!!

 Hey ya'll!

Exciting news over here, my chickens laid their first eggs today. To be specific, Charlotte (our Delaware hen) laid her first egg around 10:00 am on Saturday. She was very tired and her combed pale out for ten minutes or so, but who can blame her, she laid an egg!! It was very exciting, a perfect little brown egg. To make things more exciting, Scarlett (our Rhode Island Red hen) was acting funny all day today, rooting around in the nesting boxes and cackling all morning. Around 2:10, she got really loud so I went out to check on them, and lo and behold in her nesting box lay a tiny brown egg, a little bit darker than Charlotte's and a little bit smaller. I am so incredibly proud of my darling chickens, hopefully the other three will follow suit and start laying in the next week or two. Unfortunately with the days getting shorter, we're not sure how long they'll continue laying for the year, chickens don't lay in the winter usually, but maybe with our Southern California winters... I'm also including a picture of Scarlett and a picture of the two eggs in comparison to the eggs we've been buying at the store (large, organic, free range).I'll talk to ya'll later.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Quirt: yeehaa
right now im camping out with Quirk! Yup we are sleeping at the ranch and chilling out after roping, barrel racing and doing some other fun stuff. We will probably get up tomorrow and ride around the track or go on a trail. I dont have any pictures to post but tomorrow i will take some in the morning! Thats a cowgirls promise! Well bye now we will blog later most likely with some intresting stories...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quirt: Happy birthday to Quirk
Yay it's Quirks birthday!! We are supposed to have our ranch campout tomorrow but im not sure if its still on.. I hope so!!! Anyways, I rode today like usual and i also dreamed about when me and Quirk move to wyoming yay! Ok I have to go now. Bye!!

Quirk: Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Hey ya'll, to make Quirt happy I'm doing a short little post before school. How short? Today's my birthday! eeeeeh!!


p.s. I'll blog tonight, i promise!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quirt: hehehehehe
Hey sorry its been a while, I've been waiting for Quirk to blog but apparantly thats not gunna happen! Whats new with me? Well i'm hoping to buy a new horse! I want to get a young unbroken horse and train him/her! Hmmmm what else.. Well not much except that me and Quirk are going to have an amazing weekend and hopefully learn how to rope better! We need it... Any cowboys willing to give us lessons? teehhee. Ok im going to go now! I promise pictures woth the next blog! Bye.
Quirt: hehehehehe
Hey sorry its been a while, I've been waiting for Quirk to blog but apparantly thats not gunna happen! Whats new with me? Well i'm hoping to buy a new horse! I want to get a young unbroken horse and train him/her! Hmmmm what else.. Well not much except that me and Quirk are going to have an amazing weekend and hopefully learn how to rope better! We need it... Any cowboys willing to give us lessons? teehhee. Ok im going to go now! I promise pictures woth the next blog! Bye.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Quirt: Long Trail

So today me and Quirk went on a 4 hour trail ride! We went with my older sister and I rode the pony! It was alot of fun and we have some great stories. One is about not bringing enough water.. (I'll let Quirk tell this story because well you'll see). So I'll tell you about my bratty pony. We had to go through some pretty deep water and he wouldn't go through! I tried everything! Finally, Quirk brought brego around and we rode double on him and "ponied" Po. A ton of other things happened but you'd have to be there to understand ;) Well thats all and HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY QUIRK! Ok Bye!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Quirk: Birthday Presents (family)

So you've already read what I recieved from Quirk today, but I also decided to just do the whole birthday presents and cake included. My parents are always really creative with gifts, and although I wasn't expecting anything because I'm already so blessed and had gotten a hat and and some shirts at boot barn, I did get some fun things. My mum got me a SNUGGIE!! It's a plush one and I luvv it, perfect for using late night while I do homework, or any other crazy stuff. Also a stainless steel canister/water bottle. It's green and BPA free, and this means no more icky water bottles, she got tired of me using hers and then complaining it was boring. Ha! I got some money and gum, and chapstick, and a black buffalo plaid shirt (flannel, Eeeeh!) Finally, the biggest thing was the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume, This is totally random about me, but I love perfume, It's the only girly/ luxury item I like. Although my mom got it at Costco which makes it even cooler because it was like 30 dollars cheaper! and it's a HUGE bottle. So that about wraps up my birthday, it was lovely and I'm so happy I'm blessed with all I have. Until later (tomorrow, after Quirt and I go on our epic trail ride)


Quirk: soul mates and trail rides

Hi everyone, I just wanted to shoot out a quick blog on my amazing day today. But first lets talk soul mates. Some people think soul mates are people you love and marry and all the jazz, but I think everyone has a soul mate and there are no specific guidelines to how they'll fit in your life. Quirk is my soul mate in life, she's my best friend and has been there through everything from guy trouble to family drama to just a bad day. She knows me better than I know myself and pushes me to be a better person. Today she gave me the most thoughtful gift I've ever received, a leather belt with a buckle of a bronc (the bronc has multiple meanings, another post?) and the buckle was engraved with my name. I'm not sure if she realizes how much I LOVE it, it's exactly what I wanted and I never knew I wanted it. So Quirk, this is just a post to say thank you, it's been the best birthay I could have asked for. And it's not even my real birthday yet, yay for early birthdays, I'm too impatient anyway. Back to to today, an amazing morning of roping and racing and leisurely trail rides. We got yelled at for "going to fast through the barn" but oh well, it's what we do. :) Overall, amazing day with an amazing friends. I'll blog later, maybe even later tonight??


Friday, September 18, 2009

Quirk: what's up doc

Hey again ya'll, I'm on a roll and thought I would do a blog post on what's coming up in my life. The first major thing is my birthday!! It's on the 24 but like I said in my last blog we're having a mini celebration tomorrow, complete with dirt cake. (If you don't know what dirt cake is, I'm sorry, because its AMAZING) The next event is my holiday to London on Thanksgiving break, and hopefully the scheduling will work out so I'm able to take care of Quirks horses. *fingers crossed* So after that amazing trip, Spring Break!! I'll be stowing away in Quirks suitcase to go to Wyoming. Please Quirk?? Ily :) After that, I dunno what major events are gonna happen. But that's the truth in life, you can't plan out everything.Alright, I'm done blogging..for now. :)


Quirk: bad me!!

Hey ya'all! I'm so sorry I haven't been able to blog in a while. I've been buried in homework and studying and on top of that I have a cold. :( But it's the weekend and an exciting one at that. I've got a fun day of riding and shopping planned with Quirt tomorrow, and then later on I'm celebrating my birthday (early because my dad will be out of the country). Then on Sunday another day of riding with Quirt and hanging out. I hope I mentioned she is my best friend in the entire world. So that's basically my weekend. Today I went to a few shops with my mom, including Boot Barn where she surprised me with a belt and let me pick out a shirt to replace the one I had to return. I love everything, and I'm so grateful. I'll blog later, I promise!! and eventually I will post pics

Quirt: You can lead a horse to water....
So today I went riding Whoohoo! And as I was riding Cory (a 6 yr old green QH) Timmy got into the psylium! He ate it like it was grain, bite after bite. Horses are supposed to drink water after eating psylium but timmy would not drink any, I even tried flavouring the water. Nada. So now im hoping that he doesn't get a tummy ache because me and Quirk are supposed to go on a long trail on Sunday. Then I rode Brego and he was amazing. He really has matured from a silly baby to a levelheaded horse. Quirk and me are supposed to ride tomorrow too but we will see how that goes because now she's sick! Hope you feel better Quirk!
Ok thats all for now bye!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quirt: The joys of having a barrel racer..
Howdy again. I just got back from the barn and had fun except when i rode my 18 yr old ball of fire. I rode timmy around the track bareback in his new hackamore an all the sudden he takes off full speed. I tried to stop him but could not! Most people know that to stop a horse in emergency u turn them in a tight circle but being the barrel racer he is he scooted in a tight circle at top speed. I finally stopped him by turning him into a fence but when i looked up there were a bunch of english riders staring at me like i was insane well what can i say, i am!

Quirt: Wyoming!

Hola! I just found out some very exciting news!! I will be going to wyoming on thanksgiving break , and spring break of next year!! I am so excited! I wish I could take Qirk with me... Riding should be fun today because i have a ton of horses to ride and a ton of hours too! WHOOOOOOOOOOO!! For me and Quirks birthdays we are going to have a barn sleepover, ride at night, hold our own "rodeo", and go on a suuuuuuuuuppppeeerrrrr long trail ride! It should be so much fun! Ok im off to the barn now maybe i'll blog later if something intresting happens ok see ya!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quirt: time to blog!
hello readers i am blogging off my new phone i got for my birthday! nothing intresting really happened today.. i was home sick but thats all. i think one day i will get the nerve up to take a pic of my teacher during class and send it in to the blog! so be ready. tommorrow should be fun cuz im going to go riding! ok i guess thats all i have to say. Bye!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Quirk: long day, and other news

howdy everyone, I'm sitting her debating on weather to go to bed, or watch some tv on hulu. I think I'll end up going to sleep, I do have to get up with the chickens after all. :) Today was such an exhausting day, a bunch of my friends (including Quirt) are sick with colds or the flu. I'm just trying to stay healthy and keep up on my schoolwork. In other news, the roughstock shirt I bought at boot barn the other day is going back. Two of the buttons fell off, and we can't get them back on. They're the snap kind where you need a special machine, so either they'll fix them (I hope, I lovee it) or it's going back. :( But oh well, the silver lining is another trip to boot barn where I'm sure I'll get something. haha, I hope at least. Alright, short blog and no pictures like I promised the other day. Bad Quirk! Ah well, I'll be back blogging tomorrow.

Quirt: My Birthday!

Hey so as you all probably know its my birthday today! I've had an ok day today except for I have a cold which sucks but its not too bad. I also have tons of homework and need to get to that so my blog will be very short today :) I got an amazing belt with a gigantic buckle on it! I love it! I will put a picture of it. Ok I'm going to go now! : D

Monday, September 14, 2009

Quirk: "what is she wearing?" and other randoms

Well, I've just gotten home from school and aside from getting a few funny looks from wearing my new pink western shirt to school, all was good. I've got tons of homework but oh well. I'm not gonna get stressed this year. I just need to keep working on my mum (with Quirt's help!!) so I can homeschool. As you might have read (hopefully) tomorrow is Quirt's birthday! Yay!! I am so happy for her and I hope she has the best birthday in the entire world (you deserve it girl!) Anyway, I have a minimum day tomorrow, so not sure what I'll do with that. Get caught up on homework, or go to the barn..hmm.... I think we know what I'll choose :) Alright, I'll be blogging later tonight, posting some pics I've photoshopped recently. So until then.
Quirt's quick message. Hey again, i know i said i wasn't going to be able to blog again today but i decided to give u some exciting news. I'm in Spanish class right now and don't understand a word. Anyways, my mom told me today that tomorrow for my birthday she would take me to, boot barn, and two other local and AMAZING feed and tack stores for a horsey shopping spree during school hours Because apparently my grandparents gave me money. Yay! So im so excited for tomorrow! Ok i have to go and sorry for my horrible grammar, spelling and punctuation like i said im in Spanish and blogging from my phone. Bye!

Quirt: Hey I need one of those..

I'm going to blog this morning because I most likely wont have a chance later today. Today I'm going to have to cut my time at the ranch short so that I can go to school (Yuck). Anyways I was just thinking about my nickname, Quirt, and how I really need a quirt still. Maybe on my birthday i'll make my parents drag me to feed stores to find one ;) I was also thinking how much my name really describes me. For all of you who don't know, a Quirt is a rope or leather whip used to make horses go faster in barrel racing. Like a quirt i'm very hyperactive and get so excited on horseback I make the horse go faster, even not by trying. So me and quirts are very much alike.
What else.. Well tomorrows a special day!! It's my birthday! Don't ask me what I want because i dont know!! Any ideas? Not that they matter because im sure my parents already got my present. I have an idea about one of the things i'm getting but im not sure.. Before, I wanted a new cell phone but now I realize I dont want any new cellphone ipod or any of that, i'd rather just have something horse related. I hope it's not too late, because I told my parents I always get horsey stuff and i never get the new electronics or "hip" stuff. Now I realize my mistake because all I care about are horses and that's what I've devoted my life too and I dont care If my clothes aren't from a name brand store just as long as they are comfy and easy to ride in. My cellphone, well she's a bit old but not really i mean i've only had her a year and a half and she's served me faithfully. Really.. Im serious ive been through so many phones you wouldnt beleive it. My insurance dropped me because of how many phones i went through. They've been stomped on by horses, fell into the ocean, lost, and more! She is the survivor and i wouldn't want to get a new phone because it would probably end up damaged. Whoo back to the point of who cares if im up to date on technology i have horses thats all that matters!
Im going to insert a picture of my horse and dog because they are cute :) and i like photography and my blog would not be complete without a picture! So here. (They are BFF's)
Ok im going to go do my homework now before I leave for school.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Quirk: Do you believe in magic in a young girl's heart...

Howdy ya'all! We'll I'm just finishing up some homework and cleaning my room and getting ready for school tomorrow. ick. Anway, in my last blog I mentioned that all I wanted for my birthday was a cowboy hat. Apparently my fairy godmother was listening and on the way home from LA (I went with my family to the natural history musuem- super cool btw) we decided to stop off in a little town and lo and behold a boot barn!! So naturally I drag my family. I look around for a while, drool on the boots. Ahem take these for example -->

Anyway, I wander around a bit more, and my mom says she'll buy me two shirts for my birthday! yay! I got a black and white one with pearl buttons (Roughstock)  and pink and white one (Ariat) with diamond shaped pearl buttons. We're on our way to check out when my mom mentions I should go look at the hats and there on the bottom shelf is my newest love. I couldn't find a picture, but it's between these two.
Anyway, I've gotta finish up some things and grab a shower so I'll blog later.


Quirt: Sunday the day of procrastination

Oh yes im sure most of you have had this same issue. The issue is procrastination. Easy fix, you say. I think not. I am like queen of procrastination. I talk myself into waiting another day another day and then finally wait until the last hour to finish an assignment or three! Because of this bad habit I will be spending my Sunday doing two weeks worth of work in one day.
Anyways what else is new... I will be getting my 10 year old Golden Retriever (Minnie) certified as a therapy dog (i'll insert a picture of her on the right) ! Yay! Im hoping that once we get certified I will be able to take her to hospitals where people will be waiting for her to come and set their mind at ease. Speaking of that I heard that there was a cat who lived in a hospital building and when a patient was going to die he would come to their room and sit on their lap. As cool as this sounds im not sure i would be happy if the cat suddenly came to me and sat on my lap! I'd probably be like "No you have the wrong room!!" Im sure though that it gave patients comfort in their last hours.                                                              
So last night me and Quirk found the most HILARIOUS video ever! no joke. Here it is>>Click Here For The Video!
Isn't that so funny! I love the pony's "aerial dressage" and how he says "There's Ren my new owner. He kinda looks like he's having fun. Dontcha think?" Oh that video gave me and Quirk so many laughs!
I'll make sure to keep everyone updated on Minnie and everything else.. Ok bye!                               

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Quirk: weekend plans, school, birthdays!

Howdy again, like Quirt I have so much to say, so another blog. Starting with today, of course it's the weekend so I went riding with Quirt, we actually tried doing some jumping since I jumped horses for 6 years. After about half an hour we realized why we don't jump, it's just not as much fun as roping and barrel racing. Anywho, I'm not exactly looking forward to Monday, school is probably my least favorite aspect of life, not due to any specific reason other than I would rather be taking pictures of things, or riding/hanging out with Quirt. Oh well, soon enough we'll be living our life in Wyoming. :) The most exciting thing coming up is both our birthday, within two week we'll both be one year older. Yay!! I've actually been thinking of what I want this year, and honestly, a nice cowboy hat is number one on my list. I've got one, but it's the wrong color and shape for me, and I don't like wearing it. Other than that, I wish for world peace, and for this economy to shape up! Btw, that picture is me on the amazing Bubby practicing our roping. Anyone have a trick for untangling your rope quickly??


Quirt: Barrel Race.. and other stuff

Hello again. ahh i just cant get enough of this blogging :).. Anways, me and Quirk recently went to a three day barrel race and being the master minds we are we took pictures of apple- ipods. No really. Check it out>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

So if you work with apple dont steal our idea!! But you can buy it! HAHA.

I think if wyoming was listed in a dictionary it would look like this> Wyoming: A Haven; The best place in the world. Lots of Horses. Quirt & Quirks Dream home. Why do i love wyoming so much? well... I recently had the oppertunity to spend a week there on a ranch. It was Amazing not to mention the cowboys. I also got to compete in the rodeo!!! Talk about a once in a lifetime oppertunity! It was really fun! I miss Wyoming so much and can't wait to move there with Quirk. In the rodeo i rode a thoroughbred that had never barrel raced before i came along. So alltogether she had 1 day of barrel racing experience yet she galloped her heart out! Thats a picture of me on her at the top. Im also going to insert the video of the race down here. Ok TATA for now :)

Quirk: Eeeh!!

Heya everyone. Well I'll assume you already read Quirt's blog and know how we got our names. I'll start off by telling you a bit more about myself. I'm 5'7" and have dark brown hair and hazel/greenish eyes. I, like Quirt, am obsessed with horses, I love riding them, photographing them, observing them, and learning more all the time. Currently I ride a 7 year old off the track Thoroughbred named Apollo. Apollo is owned by a dear friend and mentor and I exercise him. I also ride Quirt's horses including Bubby and Timmy. I grew up in the South and have been living in SoCal for about 7 years. Quirt and I plan on moving to Wyoming (due to the amazing people, atmosphere, and rodeos) in the future. We're just two best friends who ride horses and do tons of crazy and fun stuff. Stay tuned for plenty more pictures, videos, and of course blogs.


p.s that's one of my darling hens. her name is Scarlett and she's a road island red.

Quirt: My first bolg!! woot

Ok here goes nothing. Like i said before im Quirt. Im the short awkward one thats 1 and only passion is HORSES. I live, breathe, and love horses. Me and Quirk ride as much as possible doing anything on horseback possible. Let me explain the Quirt and Quirk thing. At my last barrel race i used a Quirt and it made my horse go 1000X faster and so me and Quirk were like OMG we need one! thing is we couldn't figure out if it was called a Quirk or a Quirt hense the name. Now we know its called a QUIRT!! Moving on. I have one horse called Bubby this is his nickname :) his real name is Brego. Whos Bubby? Well hes the best most terrific circus horse that can smile and bow and stand on things! Hes a percheron/ hanovarian cross and though he has a semi-proportional hanovarian body his head is very big and inherited the Percheron in him. Quirk calls Bubby a chicken and not that he's scared, he just acts like a chicken. My other Horse is my true love his name is Timmy. Timmy aka Barrelin Boy is the most amazing horse ever I love him to death. Me and Quirk have had some good times on him like when we rode him double galloping up a hill being chased by a quad and he starts bucking. Fun times. Hmmm another horse that me and Quirk love to ride is Po the Pony he is an amazing little welsh pony. Ok well i think i've written more then enough for my first blog I promise there will be lots more stories coming. Also some photography and videos.


Howdy welcome to our blog. Basically we are two cowgirls, well maybe not quite yet. We hope to one day move to Wyoming. I mean, why not? Eventually we will live the dream of trainig Barrel Racers and Team Roping at rodeos.. but for now we will blog. So enjoy :)