Saturday, September 19, 2009

Quirk: soul mates and trail rides

Hi everyone, I just wanted to shoot out a quick blog on my amazing day today. But first lets talk soul mates. Some people think soul mates are people you love and marry and all the jazz, but I think everyone has a soul mate and there are no specific guidelines to how they'll fit in your life. Quirk is my soul mate in life, she's my best friend and has been there through everything from guy trouble to family drama to just a bad day. She knows me better than I know myself and pushes me to be a better person. Today she gave me the most thoughtful gift I've ever received, a leather belt with a buckle of a bronc (the bronc has multiple meanings, another post?) and the buckle was engraved with my name. I'm not sure if she realizes how much I LOVE it, it's exactly what I wanted and I never knew I wanted it. So Quirk, this is just a post to say thank you, it's been the best birthay I could have asked for. And it's not even my real birthday yet, yay for early birthdays, I'm too impatient anyway. Back to to today, an amazing morning of roping and racing and leisurely trail rides. We got yelled at for "going to fast through the barn" but oh well, it's what we do. :) Overall, amazing day with an amazing friends. I'll blog later, maybe even later tonight??


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