Monday, September 28, 2009

Quirt: Showing Animals Respect and Kindness

I want to bring up a subject that most cowgirls wont ever bring up (though im not sure im full cowgirl anyways). It's called SHARK, Showing Animals Respect and Kindness. Now first of all I am a fan of rodeos! I love riding in them watching them all around I think they are awesome but some events and some rodeos can go too far. Shark is an organization that shows what can happen at rodeos and how they can be downright horrible to the animals. One thing I want to point out is that Bull riding is not one of the events that i'm talking about it's a man against bull I think the bull has a fair enough advantage. Though I do think its horrible to shock the bulls like at some rodeos, lets do it the old fashioned way please. The kind of event Im talking about is the super competitive calf roping were calves die all the time because its horse, rider and rope against a small calf who just wants his mommy. One more event is steer tripping this is where they rope the steer and drag them across the arena sooo many steers die from this. Lets treat these animals with respect and have fun with them but to an extent please don't go this far.. Here is a video on these events that Ive been talking about
Ok thanks for reading! And on a happier note im going to upload some pictures from me and Quirks ranch sleepover! First is a picture of Quirk on Brego and second is a picture of Quirt (me) on Timmy!

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