Sunday, September 27, 2009

Quirk: Current Faves

Hey everyone, as you may have read, I had my birthday recently, and some of my presents are turning out to be real favorites, so I thought I would share them with you. :) The first item is actually chap stick, a tinted version and a carrot flavored one. Coincidentally, the name of the brand is Yes To CarrotsCute ya? The coolest thing is, the carrot flavored "lip butter" as they call it, actually smells like carrots, and it's really moisturizing for those of us (mee) with dry lips all the time. The tinted version is awesome too, because it's minty and the one I have *coral sunshine* is super sheer but still has a little light color and shimmer.  

My second favorite is my cowboy hat! I love it, although I decided it's a little Indian Jones-esque so it's taking a trip to Boot Barn to be shaped. Overall though, I love it, keep my face sunburn free and is very cool. :) What's a hat without some cool apparel though?? I'm still LOVING the belt Quirt got for me, it's so me, and I love all the funny looks I get when I wear it. Ha I've also been wearing all the western shirts I got for my birthday, it's very smart to wear a long shirt on a trail ride Quirt and I discovered. Keeps the spiders off, and your arms from getting totally scratched up.

Finally, my last favorite is my Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume. I loveee the smell, and the bottle, and the fact it was 40 dollars cheaper for 3x the amount at Costco. It's going to last me, literally, forever. It's super fresh smelling and lasts all day, even through the sweat that is California. I like to layer it with Victoria's Secret PINK with a splash, body mist, in fruity and bright. Fruity and floral seems to work very well, plus I can freshen up with PINK and not waste my Marc Jacobs. So what are your favorite?? Beauty, apparel, ANYTHING? comment por favor.


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