Friday, September 18, 2009

Quirk: what's up doc

Hey again ya'll, I'm on a roll and thought I would do a blog post on what's coming up in my life. The first major thing is my birthday!! It's on the 24 but like I said in my last blog we're having a mini celebration tomorrow, complete with dirt cake. (If you don't know what dirt cake is, I'm sorry, because its AMAZING) The next event is my holiday to London on Thanksgiving break, and hopefully the scheduling will work out so I'm able to take care of Quirks horses. *fingers crossed* So after that amazing trip, Spring Break!! I'll be stowing away in Quirks suitcase to go to Wyoming. Please Quirk?? Ily :) After that, I dunno what major events are gonna happen. But that's the truth in life, you can't plan out everything.Alright, I'm done blogging..for now. :)


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