Monday, September 14, 2009

Quirt: Hey I need one of those..

I'm going to blog this morning because I most likely wont have a chance later today. Today I'm going to have to cut my time at the ranch short so that I can go to school (Yuck). Anyways I was just thinking about my nickname, Quirt, and how I really need a quirt still. Maybe on my birthday i'll make my parents drag me to feed stores to find one ;) I was also thinking how much my name really describes me. For all of you who don't know, a Quirt is a rope or leather whip used to make horses go faster in barrel racing. Like a quirt i'm very hyperactive and get so excited on horseback I make the horse go faster, even not by trying. So me and quirts are very much alike.
What else.. Well tomorrows a special day!! It's my birthday! Don't ask me what I want because i dont know!! Any ideas? Not that they matter because im sure my parents already got my present. I have an idea about one of the things i'm getting but im not sure.. Before, I wanted a new cell phone but now I realize I dont want any new cellphone ipod or any of that, i'd rather just have something horse related. I hope it's not too late, because I told my parents I always get horsey stuff and i never get the new electronics or "hip" stuff. Now I realize my mistake because all I care about are horses and that's what I've devoted my life too and I dont care If my clothes aren't from a name brand store just as long as they are comfy and easy to ride in. My cellphone, well she's a bit old but not really i mean i've only had her a year and a half and she's served me faithfully. Really.. Im serious ive been through so many phones you wouldnt beleive it. My insurance dropped me because of how many phones i went through. They've been stomped on by horses, fell into the ocean, lost, and more! She is the survivor and i wouldn't want to get a new phone because it would probably end up damaged. Whoo back to the point of who cares if im up to date on technology i have horses thats all that matters!
Im going to insert a picture of my horse and dog because they are cute :) and i like photography and my blog would not be complete without a picture! So here. (They are BFF's)
Ok im going to go do my homework now before I leave for school.

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