Saturday, September 19, 2009

Quirk: Birthday Presents (family)

So you've already read what I recieved from Quirk today, but I also decided to just do the whole birthday presents and cake included. My parents are always really creative with gifts, and although I wasn't expecting anything because I'm already so blessed and had gotten a hat and and some shirts at boot barn, I did get some fun things. My mum got me a SNUGGIE!! It's a plush one and I luvv it, perfect for using late night while I do homework, or any other crazy stuff. Also a stainless steel canister/water bottle. It's green and BPA free, and this means no more icky water bottles, she got tired of me using hers and then complaining it was boring. Ha! I got some money and gum, and chapstick, and a black buffalo plaid shirt (flannel, Eeeeh!) Finally, the biggest thing was the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume, This is totally random about me, but I love perfume, It's the only girly/ luxury item I like. Although my mom got it at Costco which makes it even cooler because it was like 30 dollars cheaper! and it's a HUGE bottle. So that about wraps up my birthday, it was lovely and I'm so happy I'm blessed with all I have. Until later (tomorrow, after Quirt and I go on our epic trail ride)


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