Saturday, September 12, 2009

Quirt: Barrel Race.. and other stuff

Hello again. ahh i just cant get enough of this blogging :).. Anways, me and Quirk recently went to a three day barrel race and being the master minds we are we took pictures of apple- ipods. No really. Check it out>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

So if you work with apple dont steal our idea!! But you can buy it! HAHA.

I think if wyoming was listed in a dictionary it would look like this> Wyoming: A Haven; The best place in the world. Lots of Horses. Quirt & Quirks Dream home. Why do i love wyoming so much? well... I recently had the oppertunity to spend a week there on a ranch. It was Amazing not to mention the cowboys. I also got to compete in the rodeo!!! Talk about a once in a lifetime oppertunity! It was really fun! I miss Wyoming so much and can't wait to move there with Quirk. In the rodeo i rode a thoroughbred that had never barrel raced before i came along. So alltogether she had 1 day of barrel racing experience yet she galloped her heart out! Thats a picture of me on her at the top. Im also going to insert the video of the race down here. Ok TATA for now :)

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