Sunday, September 27, 2009

Quirk: chickens!!

 Hey ya'll!

Exciting news over here, my chickens laid their first eggs today. To be specific, Charlotte (our Delaware hen) laid her first egg around 10:00 am on Saturday. She was very tired and her combed pale out for ten minutes or so, but who can blame her, she laid an egg!! It was very exciting, a perfect little brown egg. To make things more exciting, Scarlett (our Rhode Island Red hen) was acting funny all day today, rooting around in the nesting boxes and cackling all morning. Around 2:10, she got really loud so I went out to check on them, and lo and behold in her nesting box lay a tiny brown egg, a little bit darker than Charlotte's and a little bit smaller. I am so incredibly proud of my darling chickens, hopefully the other three will follow suit and start laying in the next week or two. Unfortunately with the days getting shorter, we're not sure how long they'll continue laying for the year, chickens don't lay in the winter usually, but maybe with our Southern California winters... I'm also including a picture of Scarlett and a picture of the two eggs in comparison to the eggs we've been buying at the store (large, organic, free range).I'll talk to ya'll later.


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