Saturday, September 12, 2009

Quirk: weekend plans, school, birthdays!

Howdy again, like Quirt I have so much to say, so another blog. Starting with today, of course it's the weekend so I went riding with Quirt, we actually tried doing some jumping since I jumped horses for 6 years. After about half an hour we realized why we don't jump, it's just not as much fun as roping and barrel racing. Anywho, I'm not exactly looking forward to Monday, school is probably my least favorite aspect of life, not due to any specific reason other than I would rather be taking pictures of things, or riding/hanging out with Quirt. Oh well, soon enough we'll be living our life in Wyoming. :) The most exciting thing coming up is both our birthday, within two week we'll both be one year older. Yay!! I've actually been thinking of what I want this year, and honestly, a nice cowboy hat is number one on my list. I've got one, but it's the wrong color and shape for me, and I don't like wearing it. Other than that, I wish for world peace, and for this economy to shape up! Btw, that picture is me on the amazing Bubby practicing our roping. Anyone have a trick for untangling your rope quickly??


1 comment:

  1. I do: dont rope with it! :P
    ~ Quirt
    p.s. no seriously everyone shes right ropes are hard to untangle plz help haha.