Saturday, September 12, 2009

Quirk: Eeeh!!

Heya everyone. Well I'll assume you already read Quirt's blog and know how we got our names. I'll start off by telling you a bit more about myself. I'm 5'7" and have dark brown hair and hazel/greenish eyes. I, like Quirt, am obsessed with horses, I love riding them, photographing them, observing them, and learning more all the time. Currently I ride a 7 year old off the track Thoroughbred named Apollo. Apollo is owned by a dear friend and mentor and I exercise him. I also ride Quirt's horses including Bubby and Timmy. I grew up in the South and have been living in SoCal for about 7 years. Quirt and I plan on moving to Wyoming (due to the amazing people, atmosphere, and rodeos) in the future. We're just two best friends who ride horses and do tons of crazy and fun stuff. Stay tuned for plenty more pictures, videos, and of course blogs.


p.s that's one of my darling hens. her name is Scarlett and she's a road island red.

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