Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Quirk: long day, and other news

howdy everyone, I'm sitting her debating on weather to go to bed, or watch some tv on hulu. I think I'll end up going to sleep, I do have to get up with the chickens after all. :) Today was such an exhausting day, a bunch of my friends (including Quirt) are sick with colds or the flu. I'm just trying to stay healthy and keep up on my schoolwork. In other news, the roughstock shirt I bought at boot barn the other day is going back. Two of the buttons fell off, and we can't get them back on. They're the snap kind where you need a special machine, so either they'll fix them (I hope, I lovee it) or it's going back. :( But oh well, the silver lining is another trip to boot barn where I'm sure I'll get something. haha, I hope at least. Alright, short blog and no pictures like I promised the other day. Bad Quirk! Ah well, I'll be back blogging tomorrow.

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