Sunday, September 13, 2009

Quirk: Do you believe in magic in a young girl's heart...

Howdy ya'all! We'll I'm just finishing up some homework and cleaning my room and getting ready for school tomorrow. ick. Anway, in my last blog I mentioned that all I wanted for my birthday was a cowboy hat. Apparently my fairy godmother was listening and on the way home from LA (I went with my family to the natural history musuem- super cool btw) we decided to stop off in a little town and lo and behold a boot barn!! So naturally I drag my family. I look around for a while, drool on the boots. Ahem take these for example -->

Anyway, I wander around a bit more, and my mom says she'll buy me two shirts for my birthday! yay! I got a black and white one with pearl buttons (Roughstock)  and pink and white one (Ariat) with diamond shaped pearl buttons. We're on our way to check out when my mom mentions I should go look at the hats and there on the bottom shelf is my newest love. I couldn't find a picture, but it's between these two.
Anyway, I've gotta finish up some things and grab a shower so I'll blog later.


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