Friday, September 18, 2009

Quirt: You can lead a horse to water....
So today I went riding Whoohoo! And as I was riding Cory (a 6 yr old green QH) Timmy got into the psylium! He ate it like it was grain, bite after bite. Horses are supposed to drink water after eating psylium but timmy would not drink any, I even tried flavouring the water. Nada. So now im hoping that he doesn't get a tummy ache because me and Quirk are supposed to go on a long trail on Sunday. Then I rode Brego and he was amazing. He really has matured from a silly baby to a levelheaded horse. Quirk and me are supposed to ride tomorrow too but we will see how that goes because now she's sick! Hope you feel better Quirk!
Ok thats all for now bye!

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