Sunday, September 13, 2009

Quirt: Sunday the day of procrastination

Oh yes im sure most of you have had this same issue. The issue is procrastination. Easy fix, you say. I think not. I am like queen of procrastination. I talk myself into waiting another day another day and then finally wait until the last hour to finish an assignment or three! Because of this bad habit I will be spending my Sunday doing two weeks worth of work in one day.
Anyways what else is new... I will be getting my 10 year old Golden Retriever (Minnie) certified as a therapy dog (i'll insert a picture of her on the right) ! Yay! Im hoping that once we get certified I will be able to take her to hospitals where people will be waiting for her to come and set their mind at ease. Speaking of that I heard that there was a cat who lived in a hospital building and when a patient was going to die he would come to their room and sit on their lap. As cool as this sounds im not sure i would be happy if the cat suddenly came to me and sat on my lap! I'd probably be like "No you have the wrong room!!" Im sure though that it gave patients comfort in their last hours.                                                              
So last night me and Quirk found the most HILARIOUS video ever! no joke. Here it is>>Click Here For The Video!
Isn't that so funny! I love the pony's "aerial dressage" and how he says "There's Ren my new owner. He kinda looks like he's having fun. Dontcha think?" Oh that video gave me and Quirk so many laughs!
I'll make sure to keep everyone updated on Minnie and everything else.. Ok bye!                               

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