Saturday, September 12, 2009

Quirt: My first bolg!! woot

Ok here goes nothing. Like i said before im Quirt. Im the short awkward one thats 1 and only passion is HORSES. I live, breathe, and love horses. Me and Quirk ride as much as possible doing anything on horseback possible. Let me explain the Quirt and Quirk thing. At my last barrel race i used a Quirt and it made my horse go 1000X faster and so me and Quirk were like OMG we need one! thing is we couldn't figure out if it was called a Quirk or a Quirt hense the name. Now we know its called a QUIRT!! Moving on. I have one horse called Bubby this is his nickname :) his real name is Brego. Whos Bubby? Well hes the best most terrific circus horse that can smile and bow and stand on things! Hes a percheron/ hanovarian cross and though he has a semi-proportional hanovarian body his head is very big and inherited the Percheron in him. Quirk calls Bubby a chicken and not that he's scared, he just acts like a chicken. My other Horse is my true love his name is Timmy. Timmy aka Barrelin Boy is the most amazing horse ever I love him to death. Me and Quirk have had some good times on him like when we rode him double galloping up a hill being chased by a quad and he starts bucking. Fun times. Hmmm another horse that me and Quirk love to ride is Po the Pony he is an amazing little welsh pony. Ok well i think i've written more then enough for my first blog I promise there will be lots more stories coming. Also some photography and videos.

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